Unlimited CPE/CLE Credits Included

These Savings Alone Pay for Your ALA Membership

As a membership benefit, you can receive unlimited CPE & CLE credits through our live seminars/webinars. Stop paying per credit, save money, and receive all the other benefits of an ALA membership.

*A nominal fee will apply for live seminar events to cover the cost of food & beverages.

  • Your Challenge: CPE/CLE offered by associations is expensive and not part of membership dues.
  • Our Solution: We’ve developed an innovative business model that allows us to provide unlimited webinar content (with CPE and CLE certificates) as part of your annual membership.
  • Your Result: You save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on CPE/CLE each year.

You have choices for your CPE & CLE credits. When you join the ALA  you have access to high-quality content for a great price. We have examined our competitors and we cannot find another association that is providing CPE & CLE as a free membership benefit. Most associations simply offer a nominal discount on your CPE & CLE credits.

  • According to a recent study of CPE pricing by NASBA-approved providers, the average CPE price per credit for a live webcast was $52, with a median of $37.
  • $40 hours of webinars at the median price of $37 = $1,480.
  • Average and median prices for live webcasts were based on a sample of 77 live webcasts.

Check out our other member benefits:


ALA members receive unlimited live CPE & CLE webinar credits at no additional cost. This benefit alone justifies the price of membership. *A nominal fee will apply for live seminar events to cover food & beverages.


Education is at the core of the ALA. Our unlimited webinars are not sales pitches from sales people, but are courses designed by experts and guided by experienced course designers.


Our portal enables tracking of CPE/CLE credits in one spot, eliminating email tracking post-courses. Simplify your professional development with easy access and management.


Learn and use the latest techniques and methodologies to improve your business. We draw content from authoritative sources such as the Harvard Business Review and other leading publications.


Approved speakers may have the opportunity to present live webinars to other ALA members. Because a speaker’s biography will be posted online, they may even be contacted to speak at other organizations’ events.


Collaborate to harness the collective strength of the Accountant-Lawyer Alliance and extend networks meaningfully through six degrees of separation. Enhance connections and achieve more together.


Together, we amplify the good. ALA members have the opportunity to choose which nonprofits get funded through our voting process. Together, we’re making a difference in many critical areas.


ALA badges and certificates communicate your dedication and passion for providing high-quality service. Badges and certificates can be shared in your email signature, LinkedIn profile or on your office wall.


Boost your CV by taking on a leadership role in an esteemed organization within the accounting and law sectors. This will not only showcase your leadership but expand your expertise and network in these fields.