Prepare for the cpa exam with farhat lectures!


You will have access to supplemental material for all 4 sections of the CPA exam plus 10 accounting & 2 finance courses that include:

  • 2,000 CPA Exam Questions
    200+ Exercises (similar to CPA simulations)
  • 800+ Video Lectures organized by course/chapter and CPA section
  • 2,700 Multiple Choice Questions within courses
  • 1,300 True/False questions
    Notes (PPT) for various courses
  • One subscription gives you access to all courses and materials.

The traditional classroom setting is generally a one-size-fit all. Not every student has the same pace of learning and students who need extra time to understand certain concepts may be left behind. Some students may be lacking prerequisite knowledge from previous courses or they may be intimidated by asking clarification questions in class. Also, scheduling may limit access to classes for those who are working part-time or full-time jobs. offers open Accounting instructional videos to learners who want to study at their own pace in and outside the classroom. The website offers a growing number of Accounting lectures that cover college level Accounting courses including Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Taxation, Auditing and CPA prep material. Any student around the world who is struggling to understand a particular Accounting concept or juggling classes, a job, and family responsibilities can take advantage.

courses include:

  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Advanced Accounting 
  • Audit Courses 
  • Income Tax Courses 
  • Financial Accounting Courses
  • Government Accounting 
  • Cost Accounting 
  • Managerial Accounting 
  • International Accounting 
  • Finance Courses
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