Who We Are

Mission: Our purpose is to enable collaboration between accountants and legal professionals, aiming to enhance their businesses and improve the quality of services delivered to both the public and their business clients.

Vision: We aspire to become the primary platform for accounting and legal professionals to network, acquire knowledge, and expand their practices. To achieve this, we aim to foster networking with the same inclusivity as a chamber of commerce, offer education on par with universities, and leverage technology as the most forward-thinking firms do. Throughout, our goal is to be the organization that truly reduces bureaucracy and increases value for our members.

Values: We hold the belief that businesses can contribute positively to society by combining a customer service-oriented approach and ethical standards with efforts to promote social change.

Member benefits Showcase

A picture is worth a thousand words.  How much is a short video worth, then?  This one may be worth thousands—assuming that you take advantage of our many unique member benefits. 

The Accountant-Lawyer Alliance (ALA) is a membership association connecting accounting, legal, and financial service professionals. The ALA provides CPE/CLE courses, networking events, and speaking opportunities for its members.

who we are


For more than nine years we’ve been passionate about connecting accounting and legal professionals for the benefit of their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions


Want to find out more about the Accountant-Lawyer Alliance?

The ALA was founded by Peter Roland, CPA, in 2013, after he conducted academic research on accountant-lawyer collaboration.  Mr. Roland is currently an advisory board member of the ALA.

The ALA started as a single LinkedIn group.  Peter Roland, ALA founder, quickly took advantage of significant community interest and launched multiple sub-groups for the diverse LinkedIn member base.  As the ALA gained more traction, the ALA member association was launched and scaled to 300+ members.   However, business interests in other areas lead Mr. Roland to reevaluate the ALA and its offerings, as well as its managerial structure.   After much consideration, Mr. Roland recruited a new management team.  The ALA, in its current form, is led by William Kline, Ph.D., CFA and Dennis McGovern.

The ALA is still building out its management team. It is also reviewing applications for its Speaker Bureau and specialty leadership opportunities.  If you are interested in speaking engagements, sub-group leadership or regional leadership opportunities, please contact us via email.

Sometimes it’s best to explain who you are not in order to clearly convey who you are. 
  • We are not the organization with the automated phone system that leads you in endless circles.
  • We are not the organization who hides behind email ticket support messages because we don’t want to answer your call.
  • We are not the organization with all the fine print that eventually costs you lots of time and money.
  • We are not the organization with a complicated sales process that leads to endless add-on charges.