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Mission – Why do we exist?  We exist to cost-effectively facilitate the efficient collaboration between accountants and legal professionals so that clients receive higher value.   To this end, we provide services and resources so that accounting and legal professionals can enhance their businesses while adding to the quality of service received by the public and business clients.  

Vision – What do we want to be?  We want to be the main resource for accounting and legal professionals to connect, learn, and grow their practices.  This means that we need to approach networking like the chamber of commerce, we need to approach education like  Universities, and we need to embrace technology like the most innovative firms.  All the while, we will strive to be the organization that truly minimizes bureaucracy and maximizes member value.  

Value – What do we believe in?  We believe that businesses can contribute to the greater good if they integrate a customer service mindset and ethical principles, with a mechanism to foster social change.  


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A picture is worth 1,000 words.  How much is a short video worth?  This one may be worth thousands; that is assuming that you take advantage of our many unique member benefits. 

who we are

Company Profile

For more than 5 years, we’ve been passionate about connecting accounting and legal professionals for the benefit of their clients.

We work with a vast network of partner firms so that we can focus on what we do best.  We believe in leveraging the strengths of others to enhance the value proposition for our members.  To that end, we have strategic partnerships with firms specializing in:

  • Tax, accounting, audit, and legal services;
  • Software development and implementation;
  • Workforce development;
  • Education & training; and;
  • Event management.

We embrace the latest software and applications, as well as the current research on business operations to deliver our value proposition.  We use the latest:

  • Academic and practice research in management and entrepreneurship;
  • Webcast technology;
  • Writing tablets, polling applications, and simulation tools;
  • Cloud systems and platforms; and,
  • Common sense principles that help avoid member frustrations.

Our management team has extensive experience in delivering seminars, webinars, and self-study programs to a host of audiences. Education is at the heart of our member benefits.  We’re developing programs that:

  • Leverage technology;
  • Embrace the latest research on pedagogy;
  • Integrate current events with foundational principles;
  • Synthesize findings and practices for diverse audiences; and,
  • Bundle topics to create a logical, practical, curriculum.
Frequently Asked Questions


Want to find out more about the Accountant-Lawyer Alliance?

The ALA was founded by Peter Roland, CPA, in 2013, after he conducted academic research on accountant-lawyer collaboration.  Mr. Roland is currently an advisory board member of the ALA.

The ALA started as a single LinkedIn group.  Peter Roland, ALA founder, quickly took advantage of significant community interest and launched multiple sub-groups for the diverse LinkedIn member base.  As the ALA gained more traction, the ALA member association was launched and scaled to 300+ members.   However, business interests in other areas lead Mr. Roland to reevaluate the ALA and its offerings, as well as its managerial structure.   After much consideration, Mr. Roland recruited a new management team.  The ALA, in its current form, is lead by William Kline, Ph.D., CFA and Dennis McGovern.

The ALA is still building out its management team.  In addition, it is reviewing applications for its Speaker Bureau and specialty leadership opportunities.  If you are interested in speaking engagements or in sub-group leadership or regional leadership opportunities, please contact us at via email

Sometimes it’s best to explain who you are not in order to clearly convey who you are. 

  • We are not the organization with the automated phone system that leads you in endless circles.
  • We are not the organization who hides behind email ticket support messages because we don’t want to answer your call.
  • We are not the organization with all the fine print that eventually costs you lots of time and money.
  • We are not the organization with a complicated sales process, which leads to endless add-on charges.

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