The Accountant-Lawyer Alliance (ALA) offers a unique badge to underscore your dedication to the profession.

An ALA badge not only showcases the significant professional accomplishments of our members but also enhances digital engagement with clients, colleagues, and employers. All active ALA members are entitled to receive, free of charge, a digital “badge” for each ALA Program they are involved in. This digital badge can be integrated into various online platforms such as email signatures, websites, LinkedIn, other social media profiles, and different electronic channels.

To start using your ALA digital badge, follow the links provided below for detailed instructions. This straightforward process will guide you in deploying your ALA digital badge effectively.


To save an image, right-click the image, select “Save Image As”, select (or create) a folder on your computer to store the image, name the file, and select “Save”.

If you are using Gmail and need the URL, click on the image below and then copy the URL.


Badges offer a quick way to showcase your achievements in email signatures and social media profiles, highlighting your expertise effectively. Given that clients and prospects often lack the time to read through CVs, displaying your credentials prominently ensures they’re seen and appreciated without demanding extra effort.

In educational settings, badges serve as effective motivators, encouraging learners to persist in their tasks. Consider adopting micro-credentialing as a strategy to set small, achievable goals for yourself. This approach ensures you remain committed to ongoing personal and professional development, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.