ALA Badges


The Accountant-Lawyer Alliance helps to promote your commitment to the field with a badge!

An ALA badge helps our members promote their hard-earned professional achievements and facilitates digital interaction with clients, colleagues and employers.  All active ALA members will be provided, at no charge, an opportunity to digitally deploy a “badge” for each ALA Program that they participate in. The digital badge may be embedded in such virtual media as email signatures, web pages, LinkedIn and other social media profiles and other electronic venues. 

Once you identify the correct digital badge, use the links below for step-by-step instructions to take you through the intuitive process of deploying your ALA digital badge.

ALA Badges & CErtified Logos

To save an image, right click the image, select “Save Image As”, select (or create) a folder on your computer to store the image, provide image name, select “Save”.

If you are using Gmail and need the URL click on the below image and then copy the URL

Why Should You Display Your Badges

Badges provide an opportunity to show your accomplishments in your email signature and social media profiles.  This is especially important when you want to convey expertise in a non-traditional way.  For example, how often will a client or prospect read your CV?  Clients and prospects are short on time so showing relevant credentials in an easily accessible way is paramount.

In learning environments, badges help to motivate participants to keep working on tasks.  Why not set mini-goals for yourself (i.e., through micro-credentialing) so that you stay on a path of continuous improvement?

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