Specialty Leader Application

ALA Specialty Leader application

What is a specialty leadership position with the Accountant-Lawyer Alliance (ALA)?  

A volunteer specialty leadership position provides an opportunity for those who would like to manage postings and discussion threads on the LinkedIn platform.  Specialty leaders can manage one of the ALAs already established LinkedIn groups (ranging from 60 to 84,000 members) in their area of expertise. 

What does the specialty leader get?

For a one-year term, specialty leaders get:

  • A page with biography posted on the ALA website;
  • An electronic specialty leadership badge that can be used in email signatures, LinkedIn Profiles, digital resumes, etc.;
  • The opportunity to win the year-end ALA best specialty leader award;
  • Quarterly posts that are featured for 1 week in the LinkedIn Group of specialization;
  • Work reference from the ALA management team;
  • Direct access to the ALA management team.

What does the ALA expect?

The ALA expects specialty leaders to:

  • Moderate their chosen group;
  • Accept new group members;
  • Block members that are posting irrelevant content or too much non-valuable information;
  • Delete any posts in foreign languages;
  • Comment on posts to encourage conversation;
  • Repost content from the ALA Company Page;
  • Invite LinkedIn network to join group as appropriate;
  • Post a monthly article of your choice to start conversation.

Potential Resume Content

Volunteer Specialty Leader for the Accountant-Lawyer Alliance

  • Responsible for LinkedIn group management, which includes: posting articles, group moderation, and content development.

Potential Biography Content.

Insert Name is a member of the Accountant-Lawyer Alliance (ALA) and managed specialty content in the ALA’s XYZ group, which contains ZZZ members. 

Conditions and Limitations

Offer good for the first 6 qualified specialty leaders for each LinkedIn group.  Specialty leaders are encouraged to post articles, facilitate discussions, and network with group members.  However, only the management team can push direct email messages to group members.  Posts have one-year terms and interested leaders must reapply each year.  All specialty leaders must be  ALA members (at least the professional level) in good standing.

Must include “https://www.linkedin.com/in”. We reocmmend you copy and paste it from LinkedIn.com